Tahoe Moonshine Spirits

World Class

In the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, is the home of Tahoe Moonshine Distillery. Located at 6,200 feet, a unique blend of quality ingredients and high altitude add a special taste to the experience found in each bottle. Lake Tahoe’s majestic peaks, crystal clear water and blue skies create the passion for life that fuels the Spirits of Tahoe Moonshine. Cheers!

Product Philosophy

In this day and age of mass-produced goods from fully automated factories, we think it is more important than ever to stay true to our roots. We take pride in the fact that we are a small operation and that all of our products are hand-made. Most importantly, we will never sacrifice quality- no matter what our cost is, and no matter what challenges us to attain that quality.

At Tahoe Moonshine Distillery, we use as many local products as available. The honey used in our Snowflake Vodka comes from Northern California farms. The herbs for the gin are fresh and also come from a local farm. The water we use comes from a well less than a mile from Lake Tahoe, deep in the granite bedrock to guarantee cleanliness.

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Unique Handcrafted Spirits

We Are What We Make

“I take pride in creating a product that is delicious, innovative, and unique. Tahoe Moonshine Spirits are made from the finest organic ingredients of the highest quality. It is the active, authentic lifestyle we lead that fuels the desire for creating these natural hand crafted spirits. I hope you enjoy drinking Tahoe Moonshine as much as I enjoy making it. Salud!”

– Jeffrey VanHee


Spirit Guide 

Tahoe Moonshine’s handcrafted spirits go through extensive research and testing with the finest organic herbs and spices, driving the continuous discovery of exciting new flavor profiles like Ghost Pepper Vodka, Basil Vodka, Coffee Liquor, Blackberry Brandy, and even two different styles of Absinthe. After considerable tasting and great customer feedback comes the release of the newest creations to hit the shelves, the velvety smooth Peanut Butter Vodka and the zesty Hot Stinkin’ Garlic Vodka.

Stormin Whiskey

This is a GMO-free straight corn whiskey. The ingredients age in Canadian Whiskey barrels that have been charred to add a unique and distinctive flavor. It has the smoothest pallet of any whiskey and represents simplicity in all its glory.

Jagged Peaks Gin

This is the smoothest blend of natural botanicals, creating a fine balance of flavor with a smooth finish. Each ingredient plays its part in this medley of flavors… from the rugged mountain juniper berry, to the fresh, vine-ripened cucumber. Cardamon, coriander, rose petal, and ginger also play a role in creating Jagged Peaks Gin’s exquisite taste, which is unlike any other.

Hot Stinking Garlic

The robust signature of hearty garlic reigns supreme in this unique and savory spirit.  Starting with our Snowflake Vodka base, we infuse raw chopped-organic garlic, Serrano  and Jalepeno peppers yielding an intense, yet balanced, garlic vodka bursting with flavor, excitement, and zing!  With endless culinary uses and a growing list of new cocktails, top-chefs and garlic-lovers agree that this spirit is in a class of its own.

California Dreamin’

This light and caramely-flavored tropical blend will bring you straight to the beaches of Costa Rica. It is made from Costa Rican sucanat and distilled through an old pot-style still. This creates the classic sugarcane flavor you would expect from the highest quality of Rum.

Danger-Dog Cinnamon Whiskey 

Bold and aromatic, organic rough-cut cinnamon macerates in our White-Dog Un-aged whiskey, and is then is filtered to yield an intense cinnamon flavor that will amaze your senses.  Cinnamon is both medicinal and nutritious and marries flawlessly with the bright flavor of our corn whiskey.  With a small amount of organic maple syrup, this naturally delicious elixir is perfectly balanced.


Snowflake Vodka

The deliciously sweet and very apparent flavor of honey is what makes Snowflake Vodka so incredible. This spirit is made from California Wild Flower Honey that is fermented into mead and distilled. This smooth, great-tasting vodka is worlds apart from any other.

Jug Dealer Rum

The smooth, toasted vanilla and oak flavors of Jug Dealer Rum create a distinctive taste. The base of this spirit is California Dreamin’ Rum that is aged in a #4 char oak barrel with vanilla beans. It is great for sippin’ or in Tahoe Mooonshine’s favorite drink: “Dark and Stormy”.

Peanut Butter Vodka

This is a twice-distilled Wildflower Honey Vodka. It’s made with creamy organic peanut butter that we macerate into Snowflake Vodka for eleven days before distilling. This spirit has the amazing flavor of a freshly cracked peanut. It’s so smooth and delicious you can enjoy it straight up or mixed with espresso, coffee liqueur, hot chocolate, or Red Bull.

White Dog Unaged Whiskey 

This All-American, Non-GMO, organically grown Corn Whiskey is an instant classic and Tahoe Moonshine’s answer to our “White-Lightning” backwoods heritage. Clear pristine Lake Tahoe water and careful distillation deliver a big-corn flavor and an easy finish.  At 99 proof, this silver shine goes down effortlessly and warms the soul.


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