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About Tahoe Moonshine –

Jeffrey VanHee, owner and creator of Tahoe Moonshine Distillery, has been a craftsman and entrepreneur of many trades. In late 1998, Jeff started his first business, VanHee Woodworks, and began building custom homes as a general contractor. Everything was built, quite literally, from the ground up- Jeff took care of every aspect of the homes he made: from designing the plans and building the foundation to plumbing, electrical work, and framing. He then utilized his cabinet shop to create custom cabinets, furniture, and finish work. The result was beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom homes by VanHee Woodworks.


While running his successful business, Jeff unknowingly began his career as a distiller when he started creating ethanol for fuel. At that time, his work distilling fermented products interested him in creating spirits for consumption. In 2007, he went to Costa Rica and began making rums using molasses as a base for fermentation and infusing it with mangos, bananas, passion fruit, and cinnamon. 


Inspired, Jeff returned to the US and embarked upon an apprenticeship at Fat Dog Spirits in Ybor City, Florida. It was there that he learned the art of producing Gin, Honey Vodka, and Absinthe. Shortly after, he attended UC Davis through the American Distilling Institute to learn more about yeast, fermentation, and distillation. In 2007, Jeff filed for his DSP license and after a lengthy application process, he received it in December of 2010. And so began the story of Tahoe Moonshine Distillery!


“I take pride in creating a product that is delicious, innovative, and unique. Tahoe Moonshine Spirits are made from the finest organic ingredients of the highest quality. It is the active, authentic lifestyle we lead that fuels the desire for creating these natural spirits. I hope you enjoy drinking Tahoe Moonshine as much as I enjoy making it. Salud!”   -Jeffrey VanHee







1611 Shop Street Unit 4B, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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